Palestinian flag raised on the Manhattan Bridge 2014

Puerto Rican flag raised on the statue of liberty 1977


Some highlights from just one of the many fantastic Latino Punk Fest shows a few weeks back in New York City, this one at The Swamp featuring Huasipungo, (A)TRUTH, Konstrukt (Chicago), Ekolalia (Los Angeles), ATRAKO (Los Angeles) and Sin Orden (Chicago).

I photographed this show for Brooklyn Spaces’ upcoming book — Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Outrageous Hubs of Culture & Creativity — which is scheduled for release in Spring 2015. I’m very excited to be a contributor to this great project. And what a perfect show to photograph for it. Click over to Brooklyn Spaces for lots of good Brooklyn bits.

Until the next Latino Punk Fest…


And he’s been going all day. The fact that he can continue for hours is more than enough reason that this needs to stop.


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